How to Stay Well at Home

One of the ways you can stay well at home and avoid going to hospital is through medication compliance. 

According to the BBC   and a comprehensive heath study, half of women and 43% of men in England are now regularly taking prescription drugs.

No-one wants to go into hospital, no matter how well you are looked after there it is a place you go when you are ill and no-one  enjoys being ill. 

It seems like a small issue but medication compliance is so important to stay well at home. Taking your medication on time and at the correct time of day is vital to stay well. When you are prescribed medication by your health professional, they consider the type of medication, the dose and the best time of day to take it – whether that is in the morning, the evening or before or after meals. This is because food can have an impact on the way a medication is absorbed by the body. 

Of course it is easy to forget to take your medication at the correct time, especially if you have a memory impediment, you get absorbed in doing something else or your routine changes for some reason.  You might not do the same thing every day, for example if you go shopping once a week, to a social activity or if family visit at the weekend as they work through the week. 

There are some strategies you can use to help to remind you to take your medication at the correct time. Some people use Pill boxes. Other people use a smart device – but do remember to tell the device what the reminder is for or you might not know what you are being reminded of. You could ask a reliable family member to prompt you, or you could ask us to support you with your medication. 

Of course none of these are fool proof and errors can still be made. Even our well trained professional carers sometimes make mistakes. 

All of our carers are trained in medication compliance before they start working with clients. This training takes place in our specialist training room here in Wallsend in Salisbury House and is around 4-5 hours in length. It covers the different kinds of medications and why it needs to be taken correctly. If a member of staff makes an error we request that they repeat this training and they are relieved from medication duties until they have completed it and they understand where they went wrong and how not to make that mistake again. We have systems in place to help our staff, such as our Pass Genius app which lists all tasks and medication and when it is due to be taken. 


With a few minor changes or some bigger ones, you can stay well at home and avoid going to hospital. 

If we can support your medication needs please get in touch with us. Or telephone 0191 908 9384