Salisbury House, 2 Buddle Street, Wallsend, NE28 6EH

About Us

About Unisus

Unisus is a group of 4 companies which aims to empower people to reach their potential.

Our care service provides domiciliary care to people in the community to enable them to live independently in their own homes. We work with adults (aged 18+) across North Tyneside and Newcastle. We currently work with approximately 80 clients and employ 80 people. Our Wellbeing service provides therapy in person and on line. We have both students and qualified counsellors and therapists working with different issues and situations. Our ethos is to put the client at the heart of our work so that their needs and wishes are the focus of our interventions.

Our skills services provide care training for our care staff. It also provides wellbeing training to employees.

Our fourth company is a company limited by guarantee which enables us to provide community work that is not commercially viable without funding to support it.

Our Vision

People are able to live fulfilled, healthy and independent lives

Our Mission

To provide high-quality person-centred care, wellbeing and skills services which focus on the promotion of independence, choice, good health and empowerment.

Unisus Values

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Trust
  • Empowerment

Unisus is a Social Enterprise - but what does that mean?

Unisus is a group of companies, which is operated as a social enterprise. This means that our commercial activities support our social aims. Unisus Group is a company limited by guarantee, which does not have share holders and primarily delivers non commercial activity. We have subsidiary companies, Unisus Care, Unisus Skills and Unisus Wellbeing. These companies are run on a commercial basis with profits supporting our community activities. 

We don’t like the term Not-For-Profit, as we think all organisations need to make a profit in order to best support their aims and objectives. Generating a healthy profit will enable us to provide better well-being, independence, choice and fulfilment for our clients, staff, volunteers and partners.  

You can find out more about social enterprises in this blog post

We are currently focussed on growing our commercial activity in order that in future we can support more community focussed projects in the future.  Our funded counselling service offer, working with students on placement is wholly resourced by Unisus at present. We will develop projects in future that are less commercially focussed and more in line with supporting the growth of our local area. 

Our Directors, Staff and Volunteers

We have 2 directors, Kelly Oliver Dougall and Ian Dougall.

You can find out more about our care team here.  Our care service currently employs around about 80 people working various hours from full time to part time. 

Our wellbeing team is smaller, our wellbeing co-ordinator Allison Donaldson oversees the service and we have 6 counsellors. We also have an art project in Blyth at Railway Medical Group which is lead by a sessional worker. 

Our skills activity is currently delivered by our care and wellbeing teams. 

Unisus Premises

We currently occupy 5 suites in Salisbury House (Suites 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6). Salisbury House is owned by North Tyneside Council and Unisus is a tenant with serviced accommodation. 


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